Vehicle Speed Sensor Modification

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​​We now offer VSS modification service for NP205 speedometer housing.

Many people are swapping computer controlled engines and transmissions in front of the legendary NP205 transfer case. One problem they encounter is the lack of a Vehicle Speed Sensor signal going back to the computer for proper engine tuning and transmission shifting.
The most common symptom is coming out of wide open throttle, such as finishing a hill climb, the engine tends to die, instead of returning to idle.

We drill and tap a stock NP205 speedometer housing for sensor, and clearance inside for tone ring. This must be done correctly, to ensure proper air gap between sensor and tone ring, and a good seal pocket for the O-ring on the sensor.

We also turn the tone ring down to the proper height for fitment onto the NP205 rear output shaft.

All our measurements were taken from a factory VSS NP205 speedo housing, sensor, and tone ring, to ensure that you get proper fitment.

You can send us your parts to modify, or pay a core charge, if we have some available.

If you are using your own sensor, you should know that we have found 2 different versions:
There is a 3/4" diameter thread with steel hex body version (pic with pink background), and a 22mm (almost 7/8", ~0.860") diameter thread with black plastic hex body version (pic with white background). 
We can modify for either size, just let us know.

$55 for modifying speedo housing.
$15 for modifying tone ring.

Core charge for speedo housing $80

New sensor $30

New tone ring $30 + modify fee