Juggernaut series NP205 Front Output shaft with new bearing and spacer/washer $339.00

Fits stock speedometer gear, or is easily fitted with VSS tone ring.

   For decades it has been known that the 32 spline configuration was the strongest common option for many transfer case outputs. However, in recent years even the 32 spline outputs are becoming the weak links in some off-road machines. 

   We say "Bigger has got to be better"....

   That's why we've designed the "Juggernaut" series output shafts. And what better application to start with, than the NP205 transfer case. 

   Stock 32 spline shafts are 1.368" major diameter.  The 35 spline Juggernaut Series boasts a major diameter of 1.500". 

   Juggernaut stock length replacement rear output shaft works with stock NP205 housing, speedometer gears, VSS, needle bearings, snap rings, etc... Only a different output bearing (#6208), which fits into the stock 80mm bore of the output. No machining required. Made from 8620 steel, and case hardened. Oiling holes are drilled like later aftermarket NP205 rear output shafts, not cut through like the OEM.

Stock length Juggernaut NP205 Rear Output shaft with new bearing and spacer/washer  $389.00

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LEFT: Juggernaut 35 spline  RIGHT: Stock 32 spline