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   The NP205 transfer case has been the Colossus of the 4x4 world for half a century. It is still the best choice for a starting point to build your offroad machine around. Behemoth Drivetrain has designed some unique products to make it even better. The most notable product being the "Colossus Case" for NP205 gears. 

   You can save a little money with the Colossus by using your stock NP205 rear output housing, and bearing retainers with our base kit. 

   Or, you can "go for the Gusto" and get all the replacement billet 6061 retainers to match the housing. 

All Billet NP205 Housing Components

NP205 Colossus Base Kit

   The Colossus Case for NP205 gears is an all Billet 6061 aluminum housing designed to fit both stock NP205 gears, and the JB Conversions Low Max NP205 3:1 Gears. ​​ Click Here to find out more about the incredible Low Max 3:1 Gears. 

   The NP205 Colossus has been designed in true Behemoth Drivetrain spirit, with its vast versatile options built in to every corner. 

  • The same kit can be passenger side drop, or driver's side drop. 
  • Can be clocked for "drop box" style mounting for Mega Trucks.
  • Comes with built-in twin stick shifter mechanisms. Complete with Hi / Lo range interlocks, adjustable detent pressure, and deletes the problematic shift rails.
  • Fits stock 1.96:1 NP205 gears, or JB Conversions 3:1 Low Max NP205 Gears
  • The input centerline and front output centerline have been moved 5/16" farther apart than stock. This will make a big difference when clocking flat behind large automatic transmissions. 
  •  Rear output, and rear of front output have symmetrical 8 bolt patterns. This means that all of the stock (and aftermarket) NP205 parts will bolt to the Colossus housing, and can be clocked to the optimum position. (Slight modification to 1 of the 8 bolt holes in your stock parts is required.
  • Complete with gears installed and all billet aluminum options, The NP205 Colossus weighs only 109 lbs..