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   The BW1354 transfer case may be small and light, but don't be fooled. They are tough enough to deliver a beating to driveshafts​ and axles; although, the 2.48:1 low range leaves serious off-roaders wanting more. 

   That's where we come in...

   The Strong Box Shorty for the BW1354 transfer case adds another 2.48:1 gear ratio. This gives you a transfer case assembly with 3 different speeds; 1:1, 2.48:1, and 6.15:1. The problem of needing more gearing options is solved. 

   The BW1354 Strong Box Shorty adds only 4.3" to the length of the BW1354. It also provides you with multiple clocking options, to make sure you can get the driveshaft angles that your build requires. 

​BW1354 Strong Box Shorty DIY kit $999.00

​Pre-Assembly / Good, Used Gears $300.00

Ford Ranger / Explorer Strong Box Shorty

​   This Strong Box Shorty output shaft replaces the input shaft of the BW1354 transfer case. This method makes for a much shorter and stronger assembly. The minor diameter of the 29 spline intermediate shaft is 1.96", instead of the standard Ranger / Explorer 25 spline shaft at a minor diameter of 1.0". 

   In the mid-to-late 90's the BW1354 began to be replaced by the BW4405. The BW1354 Strong Box Shorty can be ordered to use BW4405 gears in the Strong Box Shorty gear housing. The BW4405 gear set uses a larger input bearing, and always 6 pinions. Make sure to let us know when you order, if you are using BW4405 gears. 

    Note: The BW1354 Strong Box Shorty cannot use the BW4405 transfer case in the rear, since the BW4405 does not have a removeable front section like the BW1354.