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   As great as the Jeep Dana 300 has proven to be, one obstacle many people encounter with it is the fact that it was only available in passenger side drop. Many retrofit projects call for a driver's drop transfer case. We have the solution. 

   Our Twin Stick Flip Cover Kit replaces all of the following factory parts:

  • Oil pan cover
  • Front output bearing / seal / shift rail retainer
  • Shift rails / shift forks

​   The slim cover plate that replaces the original oil pan retains a shifter mechanism for each front, and rear outputs. They are already configured for the popular "Twin Stick " feature desired by many serious off-roaders. Shifters also have built-in interlocks, which ensure that your front and rear outputs cannot be in different ratios at the same time. 

   The front output bearing retainer provides a clean, low profile replacement of the original cast piece. No need to "hack" up the shift bracket, and plug holes. 

   Works with JB Conversions Low Max Dana 300 4:1 Gears.

   The front output bearing retainer can be ordered / modified to accept JB Conversions 32 spline HD Dana 300 Front Output Shaft Upgrade. 

Cable shifter not included, but available separately.

Dana 300 Twin Stick Flip Cover Kit  $450.00

​Dana 300 Twin Stick Flip Cover Kit