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   The Jeep Dana 300 transfer case is a favorite of many off-road enthusiasts. It's compact, all gear drive, and very well supported in the aftermarket. 

   Our Dana 300 Strong Box Shorty puts this well-loved transfer case over the edge, while only adding 5.3" length.  Nearly infinite clocking options allow you to use your Dana 300 as driver's side drop, passenger's side drop, or anything in between.

   Stock gear ratio in the Dana 300 is 2.62:1. When coupled with a 2.72:1 Strong Box, you will have the following 4 different speeds:

1:1, 2.62:1, 2.72:1, and 7.13:1

Although, the 2nd and 3rd ratio are nearly identical, and you wouldn't likely notice a difference. 

Still need more gearing?...      No problem.

JB Conversions makes the strongest 4:1 gears available to replace the factory 2.62:1 gears. They also make the strongest upgraded output shafts available on the market, to handle all of the additional torque. 

​Gear ratios with the JB Conversions Low Max 4:1 Dana 300 Gears:

1:1, 2.72:1, 4:1, and an incredible 10.88:1. 

A 4 speed transfer case assembly with 10.88:1 lowest range. 

Click Here to learn more about JB Conversions Low Max 4:1 Dana 300 Gears

    Our line of 2.72 Strong Boxes are designed to use gears from the following transfer cases:

NP241, NP243, NP246, NP231, NP233, NP236, and a few others that are very similar.  

   To use NV271 or NV273 gears in the 2.72:1 Strong Box Underdrive, you simply need to order your Strong Box specifically for NV271 or NV273 gears. We will make sure your Strong Box gear housing has the proper dimensions for NV271 / NV273. If you have already received a housing machined for NP241 or similar gears, we can modify it to accept NV271 / NV273 gears easily, and at no additional charge. You only pay shipping cost. NOTE: A NV271 / NV273 housing cannot be modified for NP241 or similar gears. 

Other cases that can be used, but may require slight modifications include:

NP261, NP263, NP241 DLD, and a few others that are very similar.  Click Here to learn more about some of the required modifications to use these gear sets. 

    This allows the 2.72:1 Strong Box to be ordered with any of the following input shaft spline counts, making it compatible with many domestic transmissions:

  • 21 spline Jeep
  • 23 spline Jeep / Dodge
  • 24 spline Ford
  • 27 spline Chevy
  • 29 spline Dodge
  • 31 spline Ford
  • 32 spline Chevy
  • 34 spline Ford

Don't see the spline count that your transmission output requires?...

Keep looking on our site, we have other options available, and more to come. Feel free to Contact Us with your custom need. 

​Dana 300 Strong Box Shorty DIY kit $699.00
​Pre-Assembly / Good, Used Gears $300.00