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Twin Stick Conversion For Borg Warner Transfer Cases

   This kit requires minor modification to the shift fork. The transfer case will have to be fully disassembled. A 2.0" hole must be cut out where the original shift motor attached. Can be installed into manual shift version cases also, but requires plug for original shift lever hole. 

   Currently available for BW1354 and BW1356 transfer cases. Other applications such as, BW4405, BW4406, and BW4407 will be available very soon. 

​   Kit includes pivot bracket and 2 levers mounted on bronze bushing and bolt, to allow attaching to most linkage and cable shift assemblies. Also includes billet 6061 housing, 2 steel shift rails, adjustable pressure detents, 2 heims and fork attachment brackets. 

Twin Stick Conversion Kit for BW Transfer Cases

(specify your transfer case model upon ordering)


   So ditch your old, junky shift motor and replace it with our Billet 6061 housing,  steel shift rails, and adjustable pressure detents.

   Borg Warner produced several transfer case models. Mainly found in Ford vehicles, the manually shifted versions proved to be dependable and strong chain driven cases. However, their electric shifted counterparts often left the user stranded when the problematic shift motor and encoder malfunctioned. 

   With the manually shifted BW cases getting harder to find, and replacement motors an expensive temporary fix, BW transfer case users were running out of options. 

   That's why we designed our Twin Stick Conversion Kit for Borg Warner transfer cases.